"This is a great tool for any small website owner. It has invaluable insights and clever tips to make your website more efficient, more effective and more profitable" - Tony Walton, ICEmergency

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Standard Plan

per month

Standard Plan includes 

 FIVE ADDITIONAL WebChecks each month
 Choose from 50+ On-Demand WebChecks
You select any WebCheck at any time
 WebChecks are run at your request
Our specialists run the diagnostic WebChecks
See Alerts & recommendations within 48 hours

You get 5 WebChecks each month with the Standard IQ Seven subscription


Unbiased expert advice to improve your Website

Prioritized Alerts & recommended actions from
Your WebCheck7 Initial Review
 Additional On-Demand WebChecks you choose
24/7 Website Performance WebChecks
 24/7 Google Analytics Activity WebChecks

Real Time Alert Notifications
No Fixed Contract. Cancel at any time.
 Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Priority Plan

per month

Priority Plan includes

 TWENTY WebChecks each month
 Priority run within 3-24 hours of request
 Choose from 50+ On-Demand WebChecks
 WebChecks run at your request, any time
 PLUS all other Standard features & benefits

You get 20 WebChecks each month with the Priority Plan IQ Seven subscription

Basic Plan

per month

Basic Plan includes

TWO WebChecks each month
 Choose from 50+ On-Demand WebChecks
 WebChecks run at your request, any time
 See Alerts & recommendations within 48 hours
 PLUS all other Standard features & benefits

You get 2 WebChecks each month with the Basic IQ Seven subscription

Free Trial

30 Day Free Trial

Free Trial Plan includes

 Almost everything you get in Standard Plan
Includes WebCheck7 Review of your Website
Includes 24/7 Website Monitoring WebChecks
Includes Google Analytics Activity WebChecks
 Extra WebChecks NOT included
 ALL  Recommendations & Advice NOT included
Free Trial shows a SAMPLE of Alerts
 Upgrade any time for full details of ALL Alerts
Credit Card NOT required for Free Trial
 You can cancel the Free Trial at any time

Full Plan and Feature Comparison

Free Trial

30 Day Free Trial

Basic Plan

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Standard Plan

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Priority Plan

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Unbiased expert advice to improve your website ( More)
  Created by the AI Engine AND Specialist Humans

IQ Seven checks your website, diagnoses problems and finds opportunities to improve. You get alerts and unbiased expert advice from an independent third party you can trust.

Our AI engine creates the Alerts and advice you receive. Using your unique profile settings, the engine prioritizes each Alert based on its likely Impact on your website and your results. 

The AI engine automatically runs the 24/7 Monitoring WebChecks including the Website Performance WebChecks and the Google Analytics Activity WebChecks. 

IQ Seven's human specialists use the AI engine to quickly conduct the On-Demand Diagnostic WebChecks. These WebChecks review, scan and assess different aspects of your website and your web presence. The AI engine then produces and prioritizes the Alerts, and adds them to your IQ Seven dashboard. This all happens in Real Time. 

    > Prioritized Specifically for You ( More)

Each Alert is prioritized by its likely Impact on your website and your results. 

Alerts are prioritized for you so you know what to focus on first. With IQ Seven, you can easily focus on critical and high impact actions first.

This means you can spend your time, money and resources on fixes, enhancements and other changes that can make a big difference fast. 

    > ALWAYS Independent & Unbiased ( More)

IQ Seven is an independent subscription-based Website Intelligence platform for small business.  

When you subscribe to IQ Seven, we are not trying to sell you anything else. We do not build websites and we do not sell SEO or other marketing services. 

We DO NOT have commercial sponsors. We DO NOT accept or allow advertising on IQ Seven,  and we DO NOT ask for or accept any commissions or affiliate payments from any product or service we may recommend. 

IQ Seven is an independent third party you can trust. Our expert advice is totally unbiased. 

We produce Actionable Intelligence you can trust to help improve your website and your results.

    > Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee ( More)

1. Your 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide IQ Seven Actionable Intelligence is not for you and will not help you drive better results for your website, let us know within 14 days of subscribing and your subscription payment money will be refunded in full. There's No Risk.  It’s your Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

2. Your Website Improvement Guarantee

IQ Seven guarantees that our expert advice will improve your website. If you subscribe to IQ Seven and invest at least 1 hour a month to use the IQ Seven platform, and you implement the recommended actions and complete the alerts you receive, then IQ Seven guarantees you will improve your website. 

If you do these steps and don't see improvements, IQ Seven will refund your subscription payment in full. 

Risk-Free Risk-Free Risk-Free Risk-Free
    > No Fixed Contract ( More)

You can upgrade your subscription plan at any time or cancel at any time.  

There is no fixed-term contract. Your subscription renews until ceased. 

Upgrade Any Time Cancel Any Time Cancel Any Time Cancel Any Time
WebCheck7 Initial Review ( More)
  Your Initial Review by an IQ Seven specialist

WebCheck7 is the initial review of your website and your presence on the Web, Social Media and Search Engines.

Your WebCheck7 review is conducted by an IQ Seven specialist human when you first join IQ Seven. You create and save your profile - and start the AI engine. The WebCheck7 review of your website is completed within 24 hours. Any Alerts for action then appear on your IQ Seven dashboard. 

WebCheck7 looks for problems to fix and opportunities for 'Quick Wins'.  These may be in any of the Seven Result Areas (SEO & Visibility, Attraction, Engagement, Conversions, Leads and Sales, Social, and Security & Reliability). 

The Free Trial subscription shows a sample of WebCheck7 alerts and recommendations. You can upgrade your Free Trial subscription to a paid subscription at any time to see the  full details of all alerts and recommended actions.  

Sample   Priority
Additional On-Demand WebChecks ( More)
  Choose any WebChecks you want; run for you on request.
         See full list of On-Demand WebChecks
For best results using IQ Seven, we recommend additional diagnostic WebChecks each month in areas you want to improve.  

This gives you an ongoing flow of Alerts and recommendations so you can make ongoing continuous improvements to your website and your results.

The AI engine may suggest On-Demand WebChecks that are likely to help your type of website. These are shown as Essential, Recommended or Advanced. 

Please note
1. Un-used WebChecks do not rollover.
2. Priority Plan WebChecks are conducted within 3-24 hours of your request, however please allow additional 24 hour periods for simultaneous multiple requests.

Any 2 per month
Run within 48hrs
of request
Any 5 per month
Run within 48hrs
of request
Any 20 per month
Run as Priority within
3 - 24hrs of request
    > Includes Diagnostic WebChecks ( More)
    50+ specific checks, reviews, tests and scans

The Diagnostic WebChecks cover specific aspects of your website and web presence. WebChecks help identify issues and problems as well as improvement opportunities to drive better results.

You choose which WebChecks you want run, and when. To assist you, IQ Seven gives you recommendations of specific WebChecks likely to have high impact benefits to your business and your website.

Diagnostic WebChecks include reviews, tests and scans. Reviews are conducted by IQ Seven human specialists. Tests and Scans can be human-run, manual or semi-automated.

The results from the WebChecks are provided as specific Alerts with recommended Actions. Each alert is prioritized by its likely impact on your results so you can quickly focus on specific improvements to boost your results fast.

See full list of Diagnostic WebChecks.


    > Includes Latest Updates WebCheck ( More)
     Don't let your website fall behind as technology changes
Technology changes continually, and your website needs to keep up. The Latest Updates WebCheck checks how your site works with the latest updates to web browsers, smartphone  devices, security enhancements and other popular web technology that has been recently introduced. 

You can use the Latest Updates WebCheck as a regular independent check-up to find any issues, problems and new opportunities. IQ Seven recommends the Latest Updates WebCheck is run regularly (e.g. every 3 months). 

    > Includes eCommerce WebChecks ( More)
    Specific checks vital for eCommerce success
The eCommerce WebChecks are reviews and tests on parts of your website vital to your eCommerce success. These include the operations and usability of your website, product catalog and checkout processes for desktop, tablet and mobile users.
24/7 Monitoring WebChecks ( More)
Automated Alerts from the AI engine

24/7 Monitoring WebChecks are run by the IQ Seven AI engine. 

These use automated processes and scans of your website and your site activity to produce alerts of problems and areas to improve. 

The AI engine prioritizes each alert based on its likely Impact to you. The engine also triggers additional notifications to you where relevant according to your Notification preference settings. 

24/7 Monitoring 

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring
    > Google Analytics Activity & Trend WebChecks ( More)
      Do you know what is hiding in your Analytics data?
When you connect your Google Analytics to IQ Seven, the IQ Seven AI engine looks for growth opportunities and issues or risks hiding in your analytics data.

The AI engine automatically starts various Google Analytics Activity & Trend WebChecks. The engine turns your Google Analytics data into meaningful KPIs and alerts you to important changes and trends in activities on your website. 

The Google Analytics Activity & Trend WebChecks provide you with Alerts from your analytics, without the need for you (or an expensive consultant) to check through complicated, overwhelming or confusing analytics reports to find  issues you need to fix and changes you can make to improve. 

    > Includes Website Performance WebChecks ( More)
      Is your website slow or down? How do you know?
The AI engine automatically monitors your website 24 hours a day to check if your website is up and working as it should be. 

The Website Performance WebChecks check if your website is down, too slow to load and other major issues. 

With your Website Performance WebChecks running, the engine gives you REAL TIME alerts and notifications so you know about any problems as they happen and you know what action to take.

Major News Alert Updates ( More)
Important changes to web services you use

IQ Seven continually scans the Internet to stay on top of the continuously changing technology and best practices needed for successful websites. We update the AI engine's Intelligence database to ensure WebChecks are always current. The engine can provide you with Alerts about important changes to the web software and services you use.

When you configure your 'Services' in your IQ Seven profile settings, you then receive News Alerts about changes that are relevant to you. The AI engine prioritizes your News Alerts so you know when changes have a high impact on your results. This helps you quickly stay on top of changing technology without being overwhelmed by it.

Some changes are announced in advance, and have a Date when they are to take effect. IQ Seven tracks these dates as a 'Deadline'.  Deadline-related Alerts move progressively towards the center of your Impact Map as the Deadline approaches. Using Deadline-tracking, IQ Seven makes tracking important changes very easy. This is vital when the change can have a major impact on your website and your business. 


Your IQ Seven Dashboard
    > Your List View ( More)

Your List View shows your Alerts and Actions in Lists.

List View is the view of your IQ Seven dashboard when you access IQ Seven on your mobile device. 

    > Your Impact Map ( More)

The interactive Impact Map shows your Alerts and Actions in Impact Zones. The Critical Impact zone is at the center of the map.

Your Impact Map is specific to you. Your Alerts and Actions are prioritized just for you, based on your Profile settings. You can adjust and refine your settings at any time. Adjusting your settings changes the Alerts you see and the positioning of the Alerts on your Impact Map. 

The map is updated in real-time as New Alerts appear and as you change the status of an Alert to move it from a New Alert to 'To Action' to 'In Progress' and then 'Complete' the  Action.

Your priority-focused interactive Impact Map helps you quickly focus on the most important high impact alerts first. 

Please note: The Impact Map display when you view your IQ Seven dashboard on your desk-top or tablet device. The Impact Map does not display when you view your dashboard  on your mobile device. 

    > Filter Your Alerts & Actions ( More)

You can easily sort and filter your Alerts and Actions into each Result Area. You can filter different types of alerts and actions. This enables you to prepare specific Action Lists on specific topics for yourself and your team. 

For example, you can filter your Action List to show only SEO-related Alerts or Actions. Then you can use this list and the detailed recommendations as instructions for those on your team who look after your SEO. 

    > Add Your Notes & Actions ( More)

Add your own Notes to any Alert to keep memos of your thoughts as you receive the Alerts and plan your own actions.

Adding your Notes helps you create highly specific task instructions, questions or discussion points to raise with others on your team.

    > New Alert Notifications ( More)

You can set your notifications so you receive emails in Real-time when Alerts are produced.

Separate Notification can be set for Critical Impact and Star Alerts.  

The Notification settings are in the My Account section of your IQ Seven dashboard. 

New Alerts appear in real-time on the List and also on your Impact Map. 

    > Top Alerts & Actions Notification ( More)
You can set your Notifications to receive a regular weekly digest notification email of your Top 10 or Top 20 Alerts & Actions.

The Notification settings are in the My Account section of your IQ Seven dashboard.

FAQ Questions and Answers

Do you have other questions? Please contact us.